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A cool coding book-just for kids!

When your kid is ready to add coding to their creativity toolbox but you're not ready to ship them off to coding camp, Getting Started with Coding is here to help them get started with the basics of coding. It walks young readers through fun projects that were tested in the classroom. Each project has an end-goal to instill confidence and a sense of achievement in young coders.

Steering clear of jargon and confusing terminology, Getting Started with Coding is written in a language your child can understand. Plus, the full-color design is heavy on eye-catching graphics and the format is focused on the steps to completing a project, making it approachable for any youngster with an interest in exploring the wonderful world of coding. So why send your kid to a camp when they can become a coding champ-right in the comfort of your living room?

Introduces the basics of coding to create a drawing tool
Teaches how to create graphics and apply code to make them do things
Shows how to make things that respond to motion and collision commands
Introduces score-keeping and timing into coding
If your child is a burgeoning techy with a desire to learn coding, Getting Started with Coding is the perfect place to start.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

About This Book 2

About You 3

About the Icons 4

The First Step 5

Project 1: Get Started 6

Understanding What Coding Is 6

Learning to Code with MicroWorlds EX 7

Examining why MicroWorlds EX is a good language to start with 7

Taking a look at what projects you can make 8

Getting Started with MicroWorlds EX 8

Downloading and installing the software 9

Starting a project 9

Getting to know the interface 10

Coming Up with Your Ideas and Your Projects 14

Project 2: Quick Draw 15

Brainstorm 15

Game Plan 15

Start a New Project 17

Add a Turtle 17

Code in the Command Center 18

Set Background Color 18

Change Pen Color 19

Send an Object Home 19

Draw Lines 20

Turn 20

Change Pen Features 21

Add a Title 21

Put Commands Together 22

Create Buttons 23

Clean 24

Write Procedures 25

Design Your GUI 27

Save, Test, and Debug 29

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 29

Project 3: Coin Flipper 31

Brainstorm 31

Game Plan 32

Start a New Project 33

Apply a Background 33

Add a Turtle 34

Resize the Turtle 34

Create Coin Shapes 36

Create Counters 38

Write a Reset Procedure 40

Create a Reset Button 40

Write a Flip Procedure 42

Create a Flip Button 43

Create Many Flips Procedures and Buttons 43

Save, Test, and Debug 46

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 46

Project 4: Space Race 48

Brainstorm 48

Game Plan 49

Start a New Project 50

Apply a Background 50

Add an Astronaut 51

Name the Astronaut 52

Put Astronaut at Start Position 53

Create Space Junk Characters 53

Animate the Space Junk 55

Resize the Turtles 55

Control the Astronaut 56

Write a Go Procedure 58

Make a Go Button 58

Watch Out for Hits! 59

Win the Game! 60

Save, Test, and Debug 61

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 62

Project 5: Ha Ha Headlines 64

Brainstorm 64

Game Plan 65

Start a New Project 66

Apply a Background 66

Make a Headline Box 67

Write a Writenews Procedure 68

Make a Write the News! Button 70

Let´s Make Some News! 70

Save, Test, and Debug 73

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 74

Project 6: Find Friendly 75

Brainstorm 75

Game Plan 75

Start a New Project 77

Add Friendly 77

Know When Friendly Is Found 79

Add Family Members 80

Add a Timer 80

Write a Reset Procedure 82

Write a Findfriendly Procedure 83

Make a Play Button 84

Final Touches 85

Save, Test, and Debug 87

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 88

Project 7: Hungry Bobo 89

Brainstorm 89

Game Plan 90

Start a New Project 92

Apply a Background 92

Add Bobo 93

Name Bobo 96

Add a Sound 97

Add a Banana 99

Name the Banana 100

Create a Hunger Variable 101

Write a Reset Procedure 102

Make a Reset Button 103

Write a Live Procedure 103

Add Live to Bobo´s Backpack 104

Write an Eatfood Procedure 105

Add Eatfood to Bobo´s Backpack 106

Write and Add a Geteaten Procedure 106

Save, Test, and Debug 108

Last Look ... Big Ideas in Coding 109

Author Notes 110

How to Create a Game Plan When Writing a MicroWorlds EX Computer Program 110

Plan your design and graphics 110

Create character actions 110

Code the actions 111

How to Publish Your MicroWorlds EX Apps on the Web 112

Output your project in HTML 112

Upload your project to the web 113

Help your website visitors install the MicroWorlds EX plug-in 113

Glossary 115